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Friday, May 23, 2008

In Support of Emily's List Campaign against CNN men

Here is what the campaign is saying on Emily's List:

Show some respect for women!

Talking heads on cable news using vile, sexist language that insults and degrades women.

This time it's GOP consultant Alex Castellanos -- purveyor of a racist attack ad on behalf of former Sen. Jesse Helms -- appearing on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer Tuesday, May 20.

Commenting in a discussion about a comedy routine characterizing Hillary as a "white b**ch," Castellanos said, "...and some women by the way, are named that and it's accurate."

(Use the form below to tell CNN that it's time to stop condoning sexism and start showing some respect for women.) You can go HERE to do this.

I say, don't fill yourself with the toxicity by watching what you already know exists. Just confidently respond from your own voice!

Here is my reply:

Dear CNN,

Wake up men! You have not lived in a world of your own making, in your own image, under your own control for a very long time if ever, really!

Wake up men! The facts that The Women's Movement now has thirty-plus years in self-help, self-examination, enlightenment work, etc., is obvious when a man continues to presume to shoot off his mouth like some, "Oh I don't need to read the new curriculum (since the 1970's!) because I am the curriculum with an attitude!"
Oh, really?!

As an upright hominid, you all sound truly a lot more ignorant than the great and noble apes. The generally portrayed evolution of men as only selfish, self-centered, needy boy-children, insisting on the security of a Moma at home just for them, is a general picture of men that really can afford to evolve into socially conscious beings now. I would give you permission, but you have to learn how to do that for yourselves.

This IS where the women are: out in the world, making the world a safer place to be! You can come out of your neediness to be taken care of a little more differently now_ WE women are making the world more safe for you to be out here, with no more chest-pounding antics.

Want a cookie?

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