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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gifts from the universe, channeled through our very presence

Two weeks ago just prior to my project launch at the summer art & technology fesitval in my community, I happened on a scribe at the local farmer's market.

She was assertively plying her presence and literary wares by offering free poems to the recipient of your choice. In need of feeling love in the universe, I asked her to channel a poem from the Divine to me.

Asking me questions about favorite colors, what my obstacles in life might be, and asking me to pick up certain objects found in nature from her writing desk_ she asked me to come back in about 1/2 an hour to collect my poem.

Yet, for the artist on my summer routine through the market, I quickly misplaced that follow through obligation, and went on my merry way_ never missing the details of this wonderful encounter at all!

Later the following week as I was riding my bike on one of my normal routes, & heading for home, I heard my name shouted out from the side of the road. Following the sound my eyes immediately caught sight of the whimsical & talented scribe from the farmer's market, and all memory of that moment only a week prior, cascaded immediately within my mind & heart.

I post her talented words here, for you to please enjoy them with me_ may the Divine continue smiling upon your happy summer!

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