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Monday, March 12, 2012

U. S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Just really listen to this praise of the 2012 International Women's Summit.

I can see a time in this world, when we are finally & truly at the end of such summits on the status of women & girls, BECAUSE the entire human family across this world has finally transitioned into a mentality & heart consciousness that embraces ALL women & children, versus killing, shaming, ostracizing, economically ignoring, or expressing intolerance in any form...

When patriarchy is finally dead & what evolves in its place is not one over another_ rather what is reflective of us ALL together.  One human species on one planet, living intelligently with all other sentient life-forms, finally consciously aware of our role in this relationship of life on this living, breathing planet.

A place so ecologically, spiritually, emotionally, physiologically, and intellectually healthy, that cynicism, or sarcasm_ dominance, or brutality, darkness of any expression no longer dominates, or flourishes.

Instead we are finally a free species realizing our greatest potential in full view of one another, as a dominantly giving, & mutually nourishing; co-creating species.

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