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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome To The New American Independents Movement!!/Independent.Voters?v=app_109302975758164&ref=mf

The new polling interface is all set to go just as soon as we hit 5,000 fans! Click on the menu link above, "Statement of Priorities", and invite all your friends to vote too so it'll be a true consensus of what we the people want.

Our programmers are turning out dramatic new political mobilizing tools for Facebook at such an astonishing rate, we created this "Home" page tab to organize it all so you could have an overview of the forming structure. These extraordinary additional capabilities ALREADY make this resource the most powerful of its kind on Facebook or perhaps anywhere, and the best part is we are SHARING all these tools with any other Facebook profile page that wants to use them! We have 300 million people to mobilize. Let's get to it.

You can of course click on the standard Facebook Wall or Discussion tabs to participate in the lively discussions going on there. But please take a moment to read on and we will tell you where we see this going, and give you some ideas about what you can do RIGHT NOW so that we all get there faster.

The most critical thing right now is to blow as many of the "Corporations Are NOT The People" bumper stickers out the door as we possibly can. There is no donation required, though it is only those who are donating who are keeping this going. We need everyone reading these words to go click on the Stickers tab, and then click on the menu link there that says "Share This Page". This will open up a Facebook multi-friend selector, and you can send all your friends a direct invitation to come to this page and get their own stickers.

And when they come, it will also be an introduction to this movement and they will become fans, and we will quickly build the largest assembled base of independent voters in the history of American politics. What will we do with this base? Why, rally behind and support worthy independent candidates for office of course, and get them actually elected.

Who will decide who is worthy? YOU WILL!!! The plan is . . . as an election approaches our participants in each congressional district will VOTE to decide which ONE independent candidate (which might be an existing third party candidate, your call) to jump behind, and then we will get that person elected.

Very shortly now (when we hit 5,000 fans) we will put it up to YOU what the Statement of Principles of this resource for INDEPENDENTS should be. There are hundreds of posts in the discussion topics on this. We will put the proposals there up for a vote, and YOU will decide what direction we will take. That this is happening in the first place is because YOU were asking for it.

We want this to be a bottom up organization. We want to be inclusive, not exclusive. We have a vision of autonomous leadership developing in each state and each congressional district, ultimately down to the most local level, developing our own candidates if necessary at the grass roots level. We will have our own transparent elections for administrators and everything else. We are not afraid of democracy. We embrace it. It is time for the interests of the PEOPLE to be served. We will make it so.

But most of all we must be respectful of each other's ideas. Let us speak candidly, but politely, among ourselves. In doing so, the few whose agenda might be to sow dissension will make themselves clearly known and will thereby eliminate themselves. Let us teach, not attack each other.

The "Hub" application is just in its first iteration. While we are working on the ranking engine to compile the daily lists, please get your links submitted. If you are an independent or third party candidate, if you have an independent political activist web site, or if you represent an existing third party interested in a civil debate, submit the links to your sites on the first page of the Hub tab.

The social media resources have now matured to a point, on Facebook in particular with their huge participant base and the power boosting enhancements we are building on top of that, where we can get to any citizen of the United States with no more than about 1 degree of separation FROM those who are engaged here already. It is possible to do now what could never have been dreamed of before.

We are just getting started in this. We have mobilizing concepts in the development pipeline that are beyond your wildest imagination. USE the vehicles we have already deployed. Take them where YOU want them to go. Click on the new application tabs and explore their menus. Use them, talk about them, promote them. Add them to your own profiles whether it is your own personal page or you have your own organization page on Facebook. And encourage all your own friends to use them as well.

We now understand that hope alone is NOT sufficient to make change happen. For that there must be ongoing and robust mass activism. And if anybody tries to tell us we won't prevail, we have a NEW slogan in our lives . . . "Oh yes, we WILL!"

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