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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Mr. President

Stop the money machine as usual! If corporations aren't going to hire as they once did, and they are not_ because the millions of makers inside those settings are no longer working, hence they/we are no longer buying, now is the time to innovate. Do you hear that young people in the workforce, and those just entering? You now have legitimate permission to think for yourselves!! What does this all possibly mean for you? So, Mr. President, utilize all this ability and hear me say that I like many want to work.
I want to work in the the sustainable energy field, namely installing solar panels across this land. It is time to innovate Mr. President, and I like many do appreciate the fight you have put up on our behalf for national health care. Though, I have stayed away from the fight messiness over national health care_ that resistance-at-everyone's-expense, outside of online citizen actions in which I do believe. Therefore I have participated to be heard in large numbers. We need national health care and yet isn't it is so incredibly stupid how those obvious changes are not being handled?! Some people are just married to the dollar.
Simultaneously, now is also very simply the time to innovate with regard to our failing economy. I am calling on you Mr. President, to just really do this. To take government/corporate partners kicking and screaming right along with your decisions to put us back to work, as anything else is a waste and I like many do not want to live this way any longer. The further back from the news I live my life, the more the patterns of agenda reveal of themselves, which are not in the best interests of the common good.
Just like President Roosevelt did, you can choose to create the programs to mobilize this nation back to work. Just update his idea to our time & put us back to work now. Enact a sustainability economy in this New Age Deal; New Deal Age; New Century Economy; the New Century Sustainable Economy!!! On behalf of everyone Mr. President, innovate now.

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