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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stop Raping Our Greatest Resource, Power to Women and Girls of DRC

Pain Into Power
V-Day 2010 Sign your name and post your photo to the V-Wall for Congo

Find out everything you can about this most heinous of war crimes against humanity; the absolutely most brutal systems of rape against women for economic gain. Raping everyone, EVERYONE in front of everyone else, and thereby plunging entire villages into submission! Taking women survivors of these mass rapes into sexual slavery. The history of this twelve year-old war in the Congo must be uncovered! Know, if you do not already that the Congo is one of the very richest natural places left on this planet. Everyone who owns a cell phone has this blood on your phone_ we ALL are implicated. The horrors I have only listened to via iTunesU: Power Into Pain, are unimaginable. We must raise money for those in the Congo on the front lines helping, healing, and building communities for women survivors. According to Eve Ensler they are the fiercest women survivors on this planet. The point has been made that people are not wanted to just show up in the Congo, as a way of resonding in order to try to help, because there is a war there (a twelve-year war!). Besides it's too dangerous to protect people and costs too much where resources are non-existent. Instead, raising all the money that each community and/or organization can and finding ways to get the money directly to the women there and staying out of their lives, so that they can figure out how to put their communities back together, is the best support we can give. And add your name and face to the V-Wall for Congo project so these women know we are out here and that we hear them and as members of the human family that we care.
Our politicians MUST, MUST prioritize this part of the world, unless we want to allow this reality of war against women, against children as young as 3 years of age and against women in their 70's to grow like the cancer it is, to spread across this planet. Our politicians must not deal with this part of the world by conflict, but rather by politics_ changing political policy for the better and NOW!
Good men everywhere must, must also find their courage and stand up to the few men who are evil. When this happens is when this kind of violence will end and when the structures of patriarchy that must be, are dismantled. I am not making a fashionable feminist statement here, I am serious. Violence against women everywhere on this planet MUST STOP.
Listen to Eve Ensler talk about Security, on TED.

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