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Saturday, November 28, 2009

New TED Talk w/ Hans Rosling; is this only a "presentation" Revolution?

I cannot embed this TED talk with Hans Rosling so, I give you a link to the video spreading of course like wild fire! It is only hours old so, get on it!

A new mind map application is available to download for free and after watching this TED Talk, will be a true resource for more people. Find a link to their site here! For fact-centered presentation tools, click on that link_ NOW!

Want to know when Asia will catch up economically?

July 17, 2048_ China and India will catch up to the US/UK in economy and world economic domination.

Let's start abolishing world wars and cleaning up the global environmental devastation now! As Hans has said, a priority in education, health and electricity improvements and access are what is needed now in India and in China. I will be age 94 in July, 2048_ let's MOVE!

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