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Sunday, November 8, 2009

2012: The Energetic Countdown is Happening Now


Many of you have heard me mention, in the Global Prayer Project sessions, the name of Carl Johan Calleman. In my opinion, he is the Mayan Calender expert with the most accurate information about the Calendar's predictions. He says three things I believe each of us must ACT ON NOW. One, the predictions have nothing to do with the end of human existence; this is Hollywood hype. The predictions are about helping us move into a higher spiritual consciousness. Two, the energies predicted by the Mayans are coming in already, and they peak, not on December 21, 2012, but on October 28, 2011. And Three, the energies are accelerating, with a pulse hitting us now, beginning NOVEMBER 8, 2009.

Calleman Article

Calleman further clarifies the heart of the Mayans' message for us: the energies of spiritual evolution have been coming into humanity since the Big Bang, pushing human consciousness first into the cellular through biological levels, next the Tribal through the Planetary levels, and then into the current Galactic Consciousness -- a total of Eight levels up to this point. The new phase beginning on the 8th is called the Sixth Night of the Galactic level, and lasts through November 2, 2010.This is one of the last steps before we move into the Ninth and final level, Universal Consciousness, which will begin to occur in 2011.

As you know, we have been describing this same evolving consciousness, and how it feels, in the CELESTINE PROPHECY SERIES OF BOOKS. And my upcoming book, THE 12TH INSIGHT, is about what we are already beginning to feel and do to fully integrate this heightened consciousness. In light of this, I believe we are being called immediately to deal with this impending Sixth Night surge! The world financial crisis occurred during the previous, Fifth Night period, which began on November 18, 2007, coinciding exactly with the beginning of the financial crisis. (See Calleman's Chart in his article.) The following Sixth Day, beginning November 12, 2008, was marked by the enthusiasms of the Obama Election in the US and later signs of economic recovery around the world. However, Night Periods are always times of pause, and reflections, to envision what we want and to adjust to what is real. So the coming Night Period seems likely to bring more challenges and revelations, increasing around July of next summer. Calleman believes the Dollar may collapse and all governments may go bankrupt. It could also be more moderate and manifest more internally. In any case, I believe the severity for each of us as individuals, depends on HOW WE HANDLE IT SPIRITUALLY.

The Day Period ending November 7 has been marked by political manipulation, blame, and unbelievable lying on all sides, and a tendency by business to go right back to "business as usual." However, as our consciousness has risen, we have developed an increased sense of truthfulness, and we are totally turned off by all this. We can now more readily tell when someone is out of integrity, we react, and this creates a more immediate karma for those people. (The approval rating for the US Congress is now just 26 percent.) On November 8, the surge of the new night period will flow into us, and I believe we will be called in this period to see the synchronicity of this rash of inauthentic ways of being in political circles as a message for our lives. Hence, I think we will begin cleansing our individual selves of all that is out of integrity. That means telling nothing but the complete truth as we know it to others, and acting always in other people's best interest. (Remember, they already know whether we are or not.) And that alone will bring about a movement toward enlightened capitalism and a more civil society. On the other hand, if we fight the tide, karma will increase.

Another action I believe we are being called to take is to prepare for disruption. Have food stored. Have a plan for going somewhere with a generator if the lights and phones go out for an extended length of time. Watch for currency problems, and take appropriate action. And please don't fall for the fuzzy idea that preparing is sending out a negative expectation and attracting the worst. As Calleman points out, the divine force pushing us along is doing so whether we like it or not. Carry an expectation and prayer for a positive outcome, even while you use your intuition to help you make the right choices. Premonitions and inner guidances are there for a purpose as we evolve toward a more ethical and spiritual world.

As many are already pointing out, the next rising economy is being built on a new value: TRUST. Can we trust the actions and honor of the person we are networking with? Are a person's actions as good as his/her word? With this new sensory power, and better Karma, we are bringing forward the best of our history and tradition. As in all integrations, this one can be proven to oneself. Just try it and you'll feel the full energy of this phase of spiritual evolution: an ethical shift in how we relate to each other -- a shift the Mayans somehow knew was coming.

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