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Friday, October 2, 2009

Help Bring Hope to Diaster Survivors

Dear Friends,

You have likely heard the news that three natural disasters have killed hundreds and left thousands homeless over the recent days.

This past weekend, Typhoon Ketsana triggered widespread flooding in the Philippines, leaving more than 200 people dead and millions more affected. That same typhoon has killed another 75 people to date in Vietnam and left thousands more homeless. It has submerged entire villages in Laos.

And then, when things seem like they couldn't get worse, Samoa was hit with a tsunami from an 8.0 earthquake and Indonesia with a 7.9 earthquake. Initial reports state that possibly 200 people are dead and hundreds more may be buried in rubble.

CARE emergency teams are already on the ground providing lifesaving relief to survivors in the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos and we are assessing the situation in Indonesia.

We are able to carry out our vital emergency work — and help families and communities rebuild in the aftermath of disaster — because of the generosity of donors like you.

Would you please make a gift today to ensure that we can continue to offer support to survivors of disasters like these recent ones?

While we still do not know the full scale of these disasters, we are preparing for the worst and will respond as needed.

Please give now and help CARE bring lifesaving aid and much-needed hope to women, families and communities in crisis all over the world.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MP
President and CEO, CARE

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No one is saying be less materialistic!

Materialists WILL and are decry/(ing) this movie, like well-trained DOGS!! Yet, if materialists will go here and learn about the cycle of reusing materials in more healthy ways that ARE being developed, then maybe slowly, the average materialist will begin to understand stuff is still possible to attain, just the way your little pavlovic-driven unconscious is addicted!! WooHoo!! Sorry, I couldn't stop myself from the initial criticism of the reactionary...! Get over it and LISTEN until your neuro-transmitters make the connection!! Sorry!

Severn Cullis-Suzuki

These stories of stewarding national consumerist habituation, are NOT perfect, yet, they ARE beginning the change for the better! Can YOU help? Add to this? Come up with a BETTER way?? Then DO IT! The world needs your contributions too, NOT reactionsm which is so CHEAP anyway!! Listen to your own fundamental human values and learn to recognize them in other people "across the isle" from you. We aren't in a competition to win! What? Life on the planet... you stay... you go...?!! Whose death panels? Whose grandmother gets it in the chest?!! Come on, CHEAP, HABITUAL REACTIONISM IS what is DEAD!

Yet, recently it has occurred after looking at reruns of Oprah (I've not watched most of the last twenty years, though I DO like the woman!)_ it's just that diamonds on any woman is worth reconsidering in light of the facts that "the faceless miners in Sierra Leone fear for their lives every day, as they work in hazardous work conditions and subsist on less than 1% of the value of a pencil, in a Hirst diamond installation in Western Africa."