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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PROTEST the USPS Closure 2009 and Take Action!

I am writing to engage the US public-at-large, whether you are a citizen abroad or living here, to PROTEST the closure of USPS stations and offices across the country, as well as, to protest against the layoffs that are surely following the long-standing fiscal ineptitude of the admin of the USPS!

I say, DO NOT cooperate with the USPS asking people to pick-up regular mail delivery, other than at your usual delivery address.

Know the facts: the USPS is the THIRD LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE ENTIRE USA. Is anyone certain they want that many unemployed people joining the unemployed ranks right now?!

As a very recently laid-off worker, I do not.

EVERYONE needs to take democratic responsibility in this offense by making an effective consumer complaint, first! There are several steps to take, and taking those steps is empowering! Adding numbers of other consumer complaint participants to the action, is effective! These are the steps outlined to me by one USPS employee and I have followed through on each of them. Now I am asking you to join with me in protest, by taking these also!

Follow these steps, first:

First: Call 1-800-ASK-USPS/ which is: 1-800-275-8777

*Keep your confirmation # because it will get asked for when you file the Consumer Affairs complaint. If they don't ask, tell them you have one!

Second: Contact your regional Consumer Affairs Office, the USPS customer service agent can give you this info when you follow step number one. They are very courteous as *they aren't too busy with flooding complaints yet!

Third: GET LOUD about it! Also, write your congress-person!

***Just remember, the butt-end of the postal jokes only targets everyday folks like you and me. The real @#%%$'s at the top, already know how to cover themselves using "us" for shields!

Protest for real-world fiscal responsibility within the USPS, America, and call them to file a Consumer Complaint! Otherwise, your grandmother and great aunts will be going out of their way inconveniently just to get their daily mail and monthly pension checks, medicare, prescription meds, etc., etc!

Stand in solidarity with the employees of the US Postal System and put your actions of Consumer Complaint into the big picture!!

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