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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Divine in my way!

Two articles just crossed my cyber-path; this is in-part, the habit of turning on the computer to cope with/avoid the overwhelming in life!
I can't say much more about that right now because I will sound whiny_ but the truth is, the universe is actively seeking me out now and I DO want to be found!
If you are anybody really, searching for work, transitioning from what was in your own life to the possibilities of success that both excite and terrorize, then click the link in this article to see if there is a resonance here you can find, maybe just holding a mirror up for you!

I can't even avoid the synchronicities anymore, not that I was really trying that hard to avoid. Still, this truth of recognizing the evolutionary impulse rising up to meet me, is also bubbling up deep within as a subtle, private smile!
May you be connecting in surprising and inspiring ways that continue to draw you to your own successes! First deep inside, in ways that eventually lead you out into the world where, like-minded other folks are ready to meet you!

Carrie Ure

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