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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Always risking getting into "TROUBLE"

I just got a call from my current employer, telling me that after nine months, he is sorry he didn't tell me sooner, but the 100 miles per week I drive to go to my first pick-up on my job and the 10 hours that takes to drive those miles, are no longer time or mileage he will pay for. I use my own car as a sub-contracted courier and I only put on 1100 miles a month to do this work, so that I can barely afford my rent, bills and an ability to feed myself! Creating the resources I need to make choices about savings, or have an ability to take care of my daughter's needs when she needs me, have never been on the table in the nine months I've worked here. Well as they say, the writing is on the wall.

I am going to take myself to THIS workshop this fall, because an event of this nature is occurring at the right time in MY LIFE. Just like the ERA in 1972, as I was a new high school graduate. America! Stand up!

I invite EVERY woman to attend. E-V-E-R-Y WOMAN.

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