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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seven Pounds

It is a movie that caught my eye in the supermarket, or in an ad somewhere_ not the theatre. I haven't really been into a theatre in a long time... This movie I rented and watched tonight by myself, big mistake I think.

My first gut reaction of it is that it is a dangerous film.I think there is misguided earnestness in the story and in the intentions of Will Smith. You are a fine actor Will and I have been watching you grow up and mature beautifully since "Prince of Bel air."

To me, this story is about the sensuous indulgence of a man's grief; the dark addictive side of pain. Perhaps it represents what men do because they cannot give birth; bleed honestly giving life. We cannot replicate Christ's sacrifice and I know no kind of love this story truly points to.

Now, if I were that woman in real life my view might be much different. My own real life view, is this is some form of abandonment of the memory of one love lost; a story that perpetuates trauma.

Wrong movie to see right before bed!

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