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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NDRC's Valiant Work of Saving the Polar Bear- in the post "W" catasrophy

After eight years of suffering under the Bush Administration's
"polluters-first" policies, the polar bear is now hurtling
headlong toward extinction.

It's up to the Obama Administration to slam on the brakes, put
Bush's dangerous policies in reverse, and give the green light
to full-fledged endangered species protection for the polar

But that won't happen unless millions of Americans speak out

Why? Because President Obama's Interior Department will be under
tremendous pressure from the oil lobby to maintain the Bush
policy that puts oil development first and polar bears dead

We must make our voices heard if we are to persuade Interior
Secretary Salazar to cancel Bush's "polar bears be damned"

The stakes could not be higher. In the last year alone, the Bush
Administration auctioned off a vast expanse of Alaska's Chukchi
Sea to Shell and other oil giants -- exposing half of America's
polar bears to potential drilling and lethal oil spills.

And only two months ago, Bush officials weakened the Endangered
Species Act so badly that it no longer protects polar bears
against the two deadliest threats they face: oil development and
global warming.

But Interior Secretary Salazar is unlikely to defy Big Oil --
unless we mobilize a nationwide outcry that can't be ignored.

That's why it's so important that you send your own Citizen
Petition right now and help NRDC ratchet up this next critical
phase of our Polar Bear S.O.S. campaign:

Let the new Interior Secretary know you care deeply about saving
the polar bear:

Remind him that the American people expect our government
agencies to protect our country's wildlife -- not sacrifice them
for corporate profits.

Together, we can reverse eight years of relentless attacks on
the polar bear -- and finally give these magnificent Arctic
creatures a fighting chance at survival.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Senior Attorney
Natural Resources Defense Council

P.S. After you send your own Citizen Petition, I will let you
know about an easy way to spread the word to your friends and

We need at least one million petitions to put the polar bear on
the new administration's radar screen, so rally everyone you
know to speak out and say, "I Care More about the Polar Bear
than Big Oil's Profits."

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