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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Number One With Special Prosecutor For Bush/Cheney Question On Obama Site

Voting STILL Open


Thanks to your valiant participation, the question we told you about, asking about a special prosecutor for the gravest crimes of the Bush/Cheney administration is now NUMBER ONE on the official Obama site. And as of last check they are still open for voting. So if you have not voted already, the easiest way to find the question is:

1. Sign in at and remember you have to set up a login for yourself at that site to vote

2. Click on "Additional Issues" under "Pick a Topic" on the left

3. The special prosecutor question started by "Bob Fertik" should be the one leading the top of that section (and now leading all questions over all topics with 16,000 votes).

4. Look right for the checkbox, mouseover it so it goes from white to dark, then click to cast your vote

Please cast your vote as soon as possible, as the voting may close at any time. They may not work straight through holiday weekends, but we DO!

What this means is that Obama will now have to ANSWER this question on his official site, just as if he had accepted this question at a real press conference. And we're going to keep the heat on in every other possible way, just stay tuned.


As we in the White House accountability movement look forward, whether it's impeachment, federal prosecution, or state by state prosecutions as a last resort, the key word is "Convict". And that is why we have introduced a new cap to wear to continue to carry the ball with that says "CONVICT DICK & W" in red, white and blue. If you want to be one of the first to get one of these new caps please submit the page below.

New Convict Dick & W Cap:

We are not setting a price for these. You can have one for a contribution of any amount. We just want to put as many out there as possible. And we will have much more news for you soon about planned actions to pressure prosecutors at all levels to step up to the plate and do their duty.

We are in this thing for the long haul, folks. The criminal dictators of the future can only be constrained by pursuing prosecution NOW of the criminal dictators of the present and past. In some cases it has taken many years of work by dedicated activists to bring criminal former heads of state to justice.

We the people will never forget the crimes of the Bush/Cheney administration. How can we? Their willful disasters will cripple our economy, our military, every aspect of our government and our own personal lives for many years to come. But if we just continue to speak out, someday soon enough there WILL be prosecutors at some level who will have the integrity, backbone and determination to do what Congress to their eternal shame did not.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

***The People's email network website with their mission statement can be located here.

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