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Friday, January 16, 2009

Mental Illness Impact on Families

This video is part of a theme on Mental Illness for which I have discovered a voracious interest. The theme: "Mental Illness Impact on Families," is part of a series of resources with different focuses I am posting on all my blogs, for the empowerment of everyone who needs to hear this information and may want to tap into it! For example, check out this website for a wealth of knowledge and information!
I won't just focus on the impact on families_ I will also include resources (such as this video: "In Our Own Voices") for the individuals in our families and our communities who may be internally trapped by mental illness in one way or another.

I am doing this because I know that I am a family member impacted by a family member with mental illness, and I know how long it has taken me to uncover this deeply denied truth. A truth denied out of ignorance. A truth denied both by people once in charge who did not want to know and by those well-meaning care takers now in charge within the family who perhaps in the beginning unwittingly by virtue of historic patterns, nevertheless, still choose not to know. A truth denied out of a huge lack of socially accessible educational resources that belong more commonly available in all of our communities, throughout this entire country! Education that already does but still has room to inform many more Americans, about acceptance of the truth that mental illness is a disease that can be managed as so many diseases. We all need to learn more through education about, training in and contact to resources for this truth who's time is WAY overdue!

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