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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Ginger Path Back

I seem to be making steps back from the abyss of homelessness; a hard lesson in beginning to own other neglected facets of my own personal power. I am not 100% back on my feet as that is going to take time, yet simultaneously amazing acts of kindness and generosity keep showing up each time I renew my commitment to this developing stage of conscious attention to my own life. One example, includes a stay in the rural-side to doggy-sit my commission portrait subject, "Rufus." Yes, I have painted and made more progress on his portrait! I will upload photos of this stage in the painting when I can get a camera to do so. Meanwhile, you can get to know my newest art business by going here.
I am if nothing else right now, always resourceful in my thinking and responses no matter what chaos appears to threaten to tear up my life and will therefore, make it through this terror.
I will add that I am ready to face my needs for engaged, meaningful, healthy friendships, and indeed online this past year, I have experienced some of that development. Thank-you!
I have traveled a long way on my own for way long enough now. Some of this history reflects flat-out wrong choices I made in earnestness and naïveté. I can say that I am more than ready to change this now as well. Stay tuned. Make contact. Do let me hear from you, won't you? I am ready to have great conversations on the consequences of running away from generalized perceptions about social prejudices such as homelessness. What does that mean: "homelessness" and running away?
But I have received another gift: I am not a homeless person. I am a capable, intelligent and talented woman going through a very hard transition right now.

One More Signature

Help me heal the twenty-three years of MIA status and ultimate sacrifice of my father's life in Vietnam. That's right, we as a nation were engaged in the FIRST Desert Storm, when my father's remains from the Vietnam War, were anonymously returned to US soil. We are blessed. He was finally returned home. Yet, all of you good-hearted, patriotic American families who may be dealing with the loss of a loved one in any way as a result of our presence in Iraq, are now members of an elite club: The Direct Living with the Consequences of US Declaration of War Across this Planet Earth. I am sorry you are here.
The scars that do not show will mark your family for generations to come. These kinds of prices are why, we must never allow any US President to egotistically decide that war is the only means for solving our nation's conflicts in this world. My reality is that my father's life was lost to further Robert McNamara's career. One man's illustrious career cost tens of thousands of lives to attain his one family's prestige and material security. Yet, I have no animosity personally, against him or his.

It is more important that we each are courageous enough about how we choose to live our lives in our own country. A country founded on the principles of Democracy. To rationalize never confronting the bare and brutal reality of this country is to continue the likes of a Robert McNamara's legacy. No one's pride is worth this indulgence. NO ONE.
NO, this kind of a realization does not make bad people of our military. We are families, sent on lifelong missions to represent our country to the best of our ability. This was a family responsibility I first remember being told was mine to bare with my younger brothers, when I was 4 years old. We all were to conduct ourselves in any foreign country by our very best behaviors at all times as members of our government and therefore representatives of our nation abroad. I thought it was the most privileged of lives as a youngster. I was about sixteen when the cracks started showing; my father had been missing for over three years by then.

Since the early years when the internal wounding was taking root, I have concluded at this point that it is only right that when a country asks for everything from any family, that it be held accountable to the very same standards.
Sign Dennis Kucinich's petition and hold this administration accountable for the stream of and new low definition of greed at the expense of everyone, make no mistake! The standard of patriotism this country was founded on is the standard by which all Presidents, Commanders, and their administrations are held accountable. Nothing more, nothing less and NOTHING ELSE.
The responsibility we as every single American citizen has to our country, starts now with this administration, and will not be finished until every last crime has been investigated and prosecuted as is appropriate by the US Rule of Law and according to our undiluted US Constitution.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

H.H. the Dalai Lama

Take heed of this great human being's wise instructions on active compassion! Live pro-actively in your world, in your community, in all the ways that your world and your community connect to the planet of humanity! For example, look closely at what you buy, where it is made, what resources are utilized to produce any product and how those resources are extracted and then utilized. Connect the dots!