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Friday, July 11, 2008

the soldiers of the Patriarchy are at it again!

The Corporatization of a generation:

The technology whiz kids don't even notice the new social grooming techniques of which they are the horizontal peer advocates, because they are minion perveyors; the dispensers of the mental/emotional gulag!

Heeeere he is straight from the DNC, it's Howard Dean! Hi, floks! I'm here telling you: "Democracy is a contest on YouTube! Now you too can win a chance to be special!
Anyone who sees through this charade, calling a spade a spade (opps!), will be derided as an outcast of the in-crowd. Ha! Ha! (Now that we have gotten rid of the nurturing voice for independent thought)_ hope the herds love the view right over the cliff! Enter and win BIG now!"

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