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Thursday, July 17, 2008

One More... from the Third Wave

Hey Feministers,

Our weekly newsletter is back in full force! We hope you like the new format and are having fun exploring the new community site. We certainly are - all of us have been so impressed by the quality of posts going up, and level of participation - so keep it coming!

We really couldn't have created this amazing community site and upgrade without you - so for the millionth time - thank you! Thank you for your support, your patience, your advice and your kind emails. We love you guys (sniff sniff).

Feministing Weekly

We finally got the new site up and running!

McCain spokesperson Carly Fiorina said her boss understands that women want insurance coverage for birth control -- forgetting to mention that McCain opposes that. Later he claimed he is in favor of equal pay for equal work -- also patently false. So we told him to fuck off. (On a related note, Bill Kristol had the audacity to say that Republicans are more comfortable with the idea of strong women. I suppose that's true if he defines "strong women" as "don't care about the right to choose or equal pay.")

Planned Parenthood's Action Fund endorsed Obama, despite his controversial comments about late-term abortions. Obama did better, however, when it came time to talk about women and work.

Some assholes created a parody of Guitar Hero designed to highlight how scary and foreign the female anatomy is. In examining how the game might be applied to real-life women, AbbieNormal noted, "If some guy started poking me in sequence, I'd probably just be annoyed." And UltraMagnus added, "Followed by a curt, 'What the fuck are you doing?' And then if it was my turn I'd hold his dick and pretend I'm actually playing Guitar Hero: green, red, yellow yellow, reeeeeeeeeed! (whammy bar included) /snark."

We flashed back to Courtney's childhood, in which she railed against racist, sexist debutante balls. In comments, folks shared (and critiqued) their own debutante experiences.

A columnist told us we should all be shaming pregnant teens. And community blogger Aly informed us how tough it is for some teens to buy pregnancy tests.

We analyzed the whole Jezebel/Thinking and Drinking debacle.

Maureen Dowd told us to look to celibate dudes for relationship advice. And a Southern Baptist minister said that women who don't submit to their husbands are to blame for domestic violence.

We said thank you to Eleanor Roosevelt. And speaking of (potential) first ladies, we watched a roundup of all the crap Fox News has spewed about Michelle Obama.

We looked at the gay-rights movements in the U.S. and in India.

A British art critic said people with ladyparts aren't capable of "aesthetic greatness." And katems pondered how her love for opera fits with her feminist beliefs.

We weighed in on the "cultural defense" for violence against women. We mourned the death of young feminist activist Jana Mackey, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and the death of Olidia Kerr Day, who was killed by a random man who saw her in a supermarket and stalked her.

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