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Monday, June 16, 2008

Anthony Romero and Ava Lowery in This Brave Nation, Docudharma Series!

We're in our third week of This Brave Nation, a documentary series that brings progressive activists and thinkers together in one place-your computer screen! This week, we've paired ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero with 17-year-old peace activist Ava Lowery for an inspiring discussion about civil liberties, new media, the anti-war movement, and the Bush administration.

Watch the full third episode

At 17, Ava gives voice to what this series is all about-young emerging activists. She's fiercely opposed the war since she was 14 years old, and we're looking for more young people like her for The Brave Nation Young Activist Award. If you know someone in your community that is putting themselves on the line and speaking out for a cause, let us know by nominating them today. You have until June 22 to nominate a young activist for The Brave Nation Young Activist Award.

You can also help inspire a new generation of progressive activists by helping us get this series into schools and libraries across the country. A donation of $15 gets you two DVDs of the first 5 episodes -- one for you and one to donate to a school or library of your choice! Imagine if everyone had the opportunity to learn about these progressive icons.

The feedback for this groundbreaking series has been overwhelming. Don't miss your chance to be part of This Brave Nation:

"As an aging progressive who majored in film, I salute you for your new series and thank you for the thoughtful, eloquent way you present the possibility for change. Bless you." PC - via email

"I highly recommend that you take a few minutes and watch these as they are released. I think these conversations will bring you both hope and challenge." -Docudharma (WOW! What a nice word!!)

Robert Greenwald and Katrina vanden Heuvel
Brave New Foundation and The Nation

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