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Monday, June 9, 2008

This Brave Nation- 2nd in the 6-part Activist Documentary Series

Click on each image above for links to the website and the full-length documentary on social activists, Bonnie Raitt and Delores Huerta!

These two women have accomplished so much with their own lives. What are their disappointments still?
Dolores Huerta, now age 77, as of June 9, 2008_ led the UUAW farm workers grape boycott for over five years, while raising eleven children on no income. Her grandchildren still face racism in their schools.

Bonnie Raitt_ Since 1968, and the flowering of the Women’s Rights Movement, there are still very few women in the Federal levels of the Senate and the House, or in the state branches of higher governmental positions throughout the entire country. Nor are there more women in the executive levels of the media, publicity, or public relations. Leveling the playing field in terms of race, ageism, and sexism we have yet to make the strides that truly make the difference in our society. The lessons around war that drive our continued economic addiction to the Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex must be taught repeatedly every four years. The absolute responsibility of the media now as it has become constrained corporate property, has reduced complex and serious issues concerning our foreign policies, our economic policies to mere sound-bytes, and has resulted in recklessly dis-allowing an entire country to go deeper together to become wiser about these issues. This means our entire national environment is not changing fast enough and neither are the underlying reasons why we aren’t doing what as a nation we need. We need to be talking about them, we need to keep up the pressure because the stakes are much too high, and this time there is no turning back. This time it is not about saving some trees or a few whales. This is the future that we all have; citizens and politicians alike.

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