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Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Suspending" Her Bid for the Presidency
Make sure the latest version AdobeFlash is on your computer, to view this link of Hillary's complete speech.

Interesting choice of words, "suspending" a woman's bid for the US Presidency.
As of yesterday, on June 8, 2008, I realized my initial understanding of this sentence could be discounted as in need of correction_ as "suspending" one's campaign has to do with laws in the world of presidential campaigning. generally described, they are laws that now have a direct impact on Hillary Clinton's need to continue fund raising, in order to pay off debts the campaign has incurred over sixteen months.
Yet, I stand by the constructive nature intended in my original understanding, to thoughtfully challenge Americans to consider the nature of our differences in close proximity to one another, as follows:

HOW MANY middle-class Americans are listening versus indulging their wounds reactively and publicly, assuming the views of other American voters? Because each person has a view that is individually different from one another_ assumption of personal opinion from one person can generally tend to come at the expense of everyone around them!!! People who generally vote alike, and who therefore are political allies, are alienated as a result of this quality "assumption," time and time again!!! Grow up average American minds, become more observant of your own thoughts and feelings_ personal 'opinion-spouters', especially in context with your neighbors as well! Let go of so much literal interpretation and your own consequent availability for more clear understanding of one another in the big picture!! Be quiet inside, listen more, observe more and hear your own real understanding beyond the hurts concerning major disappointments_ before you choose again. Choosing again, is our hard-earned right because of our and our predecessors' hard work; a commitment that is a lifetime commitment to change for the better.

It WILL take time to recover from the disappointment of this campaign. I am still shedding tears of fatigue and deep personal disappointment. We also knew it was possible that Hillary might not make it to the White House_ this is our reality as women: To chip away at the old prejudices every single day of our lives. Yet, we did make progress in this campaign! That has to continue to be the only focus, fight and cause that as women, people of color, and gays, as well as people whose immigrant status is new in America, no matter how disappointed we feel, we know the way to get there where much more is equal for all of us, is to keep moving forward. To elect the more liberal, and humanist-centered administration into the U.S. White House is the way now. The optimal word in this moment in our national history is: NOW.

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