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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


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Genocide continues and peacekeepers are still not deployed.

We must continue to pressure world leaders to protect Darfuri civilians.

Next month, a year will have passed since the U.N. authorized a peacekeeping force to protect Darfuri citizens. This force was supposed to represent, at long last, a commitment to stop genocide.

Yet, almost 12 long and lethal months later, only a fraction of the force has deployed.

We will not fall silent while genocide continues. But we cannot speak out without YOUR support.

Help us raise $200,000 by June 30 to pressure world leaders to stop genocide.

The road to peace is long, but we have made real progress together. Since January, with your support, we have:

* Worked with the U.S. House and Senate to secure approval of $800 million of desperately-needed funding for Darfur;
* Supported successful divestment initiatives in Arizona and South Carolina, the 24th and 25th U.S. states to divest for Darfur;
* Coordinated a historic joint statement by Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama—the first time since World War II that all major presidential candidates have come together on a foreign policy issue.

You have helped us come a long way, but there are many challenges ahead.

Violence in the region has intensified. Rising food and fuel prices have slashed international food aid to Darfur. Banditry claims much of the aid that does make it through. Still, of the 17,000 additional peacekeepers promised in July 2007, only 2,100 have been deployed.

The people of Darfur need peacekeepers now, not just to protect them from the murderous janjaweed, but also to safeguard efforts to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid.

Please help us raise $200,000 by June 30 and give us the resources we need to pressure world leaders to deploy peacekeepers.

Thank you for your commitment to the people of Darfur.

Best regards,

Colleen Connors
Save Darfur Coalition

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