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Monday, May 5, 2008

Women of Power

It would appear as though Women of Power are threatened to be maintained under siege the world over. I say appearance, because it is by a deeply conditioned male-centered assumption. A male sense of power over any other who may not agree with a few. A male-centered view about power-over that too typically depends on violence as the way to maintain what is in reality a small sense of self_ small ego-belligerent self.

It cannot be emphasized enough that education about Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies does not harm one's heart or mind, male or female. Knowledge about others different from you and the group to which you associate empowers. Knowledge enables responsibility. Maybe avoiding responsibility is a subconscious unconscious logic for many. To not know... It does often seem this is the quality, the chaos reflected in our human world. One is not helpless to wake up and know. Simply put, to not know is a choice.

I bring attention then, to another shining human example for any young woman or girl, man or boy interested in the quality of your own future or the choices that might be available to you when it is your turn to affect the world as an adult. (Why wait?!) I bring you
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a bad-ass woman in the best of ways!

In all of the human rights articles I post here, pick what your heart is compelled to be part of! Compelled to assist, compelled in or with participate. Do one thing, participate with one issue. Contact one organization. Only one. Change that choice next month and be part of one issue, etc., that is different. Just DO something!
This is my something right now; to spread the word about human consciousness evolution in all the many and varied expressions of human beings, life-circumstances, political acts, activism, etc that I can hear about and that I believe in.
This is a place where anyone can open potential discussion. I try to hold a space here where consciousness CAN shift. At least begin to...

Some days I don't even eat due the amount of posting I do, or the amount of research on line that I engage in! THIS is my social justice passion and personal activism right now. It is what I CAN do to alleviate one woman's armed guard reality.
Why does this woman have to live in fear this way? Because she is bad? Because she is black? Because she is from "over there?" Because she is Muslim? Because she is easily targeted by ignorance that is dependent on reaction as a perspective?
We all know ignorance goes this far and even further. That perspective that is conditioned by power-over is unconscious reactionism that compounds the facts that she must live with armed protection 24 hours a day. The fact that this is a human being who chose to look, to face the truth in her environment, to lift the veil, to not shy away from the denial of choices where she is from_ for most women, men, and children.
A reality of fierce and violent ignorance does not make any part of the world a bad place. It means the face of ignorance that shows no tolerance for challenge to injustice, an intolerance to knowing, an intolerance to not looking away from the truth, is just that. Intolerance and ignorance that is willing to go to any length to take life in disagreement with its own fragile illusion about power. Power that is the very smallest definition of what true power really is. Power that is nothing any one group or individual can control exclusively.
Do the part to help, to provide aid for Ayaan Hirsi Ali in all the ways or in the one way that each one can. One step at a time, one penny at a time, one letter at a time put together with hundreds and potentially millions of steps, pennies, letters changes our world and puts balance back into true power.
Pick a cause, a human being, an organization. Pick one, and take action now.

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