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Saturday, May 3, 2008

WIN Hillary! WIN Hillary! WIN Hillary!

There are two thoughts that comes to mind listening to this 17 minute video of Hillary's win in Pennsylvania.
(1) I REALLY like the timing of a candidate who keeps emphasizing her READINESS to LEAD on DAY ONE.
(2) That African American males were given the vote before women yet still thrown away economically, is a statement concerning how the percentages continue to divide over THIS race.
Statistically more economically stable males are voting for Obama, and mostly white, educated women are voting for Hillary: this is a very powerful statement of just how entrenched the status quo on the value of males and which ones must continue to remain in control of our national systemic history. The unconscious perception in the minds of many Americans that only rich, white males must dominate_ in the Twenty-first Century this kind of thinking continues in the national psyche! Wake up to these patterns, America!!

Think for yourselves just what this actually means with regard to any issue or concern that you find valuable and important to you, your family, your life. Pick something, anything but do it! Get yourself educated, open you eyes and don't continue to be so willing to turn the final choices over to some entity, far away that "will take care of things!"

Vote for this woman who has gotten herself kicked around Washington and kept coming back. HOW is this not different for women anywhere in this country really?! Today is Hillary's turn for historical, practical reality. Tomorrow is still a choice for Obama. What a great guy to have gaining in experience in the wings!!

I like what Gloria Steinem said about really cleaning the complete mess this country is in by it taking two terms of each candidate to get America back on track for everybody, not just the few. Don't think that between Hillary in the White House first, and Obama in after her that American can finally make the turn toward a humanistic country again?

I say the answer is obvious: VOTE HILLARY CLINTON IN 2008

This one's for you Oprah!

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