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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This morning's news held two distinct considerations

I am not a news let alone a television watcher. However, I am staying with a friend at the moment who is. While I am here he wears headphones so the space is not dominated sound-wise, by the TV. Now I am a visual person so, as I came downstairs this morning, here is what I "saw" on the news. First there were the scenes of the cyclone that devastated Burma on Sunday. Now one cannot go very far concerning the emergency condition of this country, without including its political reality in every response. In a pertinent side note, the most politically pro-active thing one can do is refer to this country' by its historical and original name_ Burma.
"Myanmar" is the co-opted name overlaid by the current occupying military junta in its intolerably egregious violence. People who represent that misinformed, small definition of power over others. This junta seems to embody only a consciousness of intent to wipe out the beautiful people who are the country that is Burma.


Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Now in the news, nature has provided opportunity from the perspective of the soil, the human-made infrastructure that sits on top of the soil, and the human life that toils and struggles to live, raise families safely and work abundantly on this land_ This cyclone has provided Burma and the world, opportunities for conscious attention and conscious action today!
Consider that the occupying junta must now work with the population in order to save life, land, property...
What lessening of violence might this natural disaster actually produce? Slow as the progress is in New Orleans, individual, civic and religious groups are not waiting on an inactive government to clean up after Katrina and help people restore their homes, communities, their neighborhoods. This moment in our own history will inform the future here and in the southern United States in powerful ways for some time to come. Consider then, how difficult it can be even for a military dictator to remain in power where there are no resources; i.e, food, shelter, utilities, medical, etc.
Natural disaster, like love really knows no boundaries!
How might this apparent catastrophe put pressure on the junta in the greatest possible opportunities, for the release of the legally, officially elected leader of Burma, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi?! Do you realize that she is the only Nobel Peace Prize Winner who is imprisoned?! Only her liberated presence can help escalate restoration and support for her country now!

Think about what all of this means right now and respond for the ease and rescue of Burma in every way that you are able, keeping what I have told you about the political reality of this country in the forefront of your mind. Do not withhold support, simply be empowered in your discernment where, your citizen dollars of support may be integrated into Burma, for her own relief along with the official support that will come in response to this natural disaster, disguised as, robust potential political opportunity! Keep your letters coming, and make your voices clearly heard without relief, until Burma is restored to its own legitimate will for democratic determination through the unconditional release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
I cannot emphasize enough to people everywhere in the world, do not hesitate to integrate this truth and reality into the immediate need for rescue and rehabilitation, support and response, for the liberation of the people of Burma!

The second consideration I "saw" in the news this morning, perhaps because the sound was muted: who in this country should be in the media proclaiming the official U. S. response to the tragedy in Burma? Yes! None other than the second Lady Bush, h-u-u-m-m-m. The image of a U.S. female leadership presence... very interesting indeed.
I saw it as an official signal from the White House as to who will be the next U. S. president in November... between prayers and conscious attention and conscious action_ stay tuned folks!
MAKE SURE YOU VOTE in the primaries and in the national election, precisely because it is not who your candidate of choice is, but that you do have the choice.
Don't just mail in your ballot, or go to the polls to do your civic and national duty. Volunteer to woman and man the poles. Help with the actual count! Bear witness to this precious national right and process! Voting is your responsibility. There is no voting service one pays for_ that would be called fascism.
Our rights are only as valuable as our presence and active responses to protect them. This is the nature of democracy people, it takes us. No one will do democracy for you!

I "saw" all this in about 7 minutes of the news with no sound on this morning! What do you see?

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