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Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Vote is in

I filled in my ballot last night. Yes, I wavered about my original choice for about a week, however during that time, I looked very closely at the two Democratic candidates side-by-side. This morning I woke up happy with my decision for all the reasons I have believed in from the start only more so, especially because of the passage of time on the campaign trail.
What I want to say to younger women, is that when you become a woman who has lived life and been faced with just how tough life does treat us, many of you will learn how to get back up and choose on purpose not go away. Meanwhile in a poignant momentary consideration, it is funny how those who bring life into this world, are still the least valued even in the 21st Century particularly by other women.
Women in their twenties and thirties generally do not understand this while approval couched in sexual tension, is a developmental reality. A reality thrust on the female psyche from subtle and gross influences within the best of intentions in a patriarchal society. One simply does not emerge firmly into individuated identity to recognize this social reality typically until the 40's, and even then, it can be until the milestone of reaching age 50 that a woman often truly steps into her own autonomous skin at last. Life is the teacher. One day eventually rather than sooner, we all come to know this truth more concretely within.
In the meantime take no privilege for granted, no matter how "boring" it feels when a differently life-experienced woman shares her wisdom with you. This is life as a human being. On all levels, in the big picture and in the subtle daily details of life, knowing come with maturity... knowing self, knowing how consciousness is working around, with and through us all the time. Knowing how this all fits together in the context of consciousness evolution. We do not understand before we are actually ready to face that we do not understand. Meantime, everyone does the best each one knows how...
In my lifetime as a witness and participant to all of human history I have lived, my choice is for the women to take the lead reigns. It is time. She is experienced enough, we are in a crisis, she is tested enough and she does not back down or go away.
Women are ready in your mother's generation, no matter how that impacts the fragile ego sense of (your)self. That impact to ego identity is secondary to reality, because maturity for the quality change that is appropriate now is present in the life-experienced woman, and not quite ready in the younger man. He can grow and participate in valuable and important ways in the meantime, and then come back with greater seasoning for having lived, be tested, learned and matured a little bit more.

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