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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mocking Democracy; A Reckless Affair

I realized this morning, after reading even some of the posts concerning the Speaker of the House's ruminations that she will "step in" on this U.S. Presidential race: there really seem to be a lot of people who are subconsciously angry with their mothers!
Is it tactical on the part of the Speaker of the House to participate in a strategy of: "whatever it takes to get one's name on the front pages of the news?" One truly has to wonder when one actually is paying attention to the timing of such blatantly, unprecedented political staging!
In the chat rooms, on the message boards and in the streets, one listens to such a level of heedless rank; to disemboweled howling_ it gives rise to one major concern: Does anyone take any time, to consciously self-reflect during the campaigning process? It seems as though, when the "feathers start flying," this time about a woman running for President that what may be ignited is really about a level of insecurity that runs deep in the hearts and minds of this country. Such loss of self-control begs asking, from where is this level of angry frothing really coming? Is this sort of reaction-fest, rooted in primitive, unconscious resistance to change? To difference?
Or is it possible, people are only garden-variety unconscious, to the seeds of discontent sown in corporate and high-ranking back rooms throughout government, and other economically controlling elitists? Unconsciously prey to the repetitious ilk continuously funneled into the entire media network, with only an expressed intention of burrowing over months and years deep into the psyche, a sense of false helplessness. This old yet still masterfully potent game of control, mocks democracy, yet seems only to continue escaping conscious notice. Consequently, this "perpetual escape" undermines and plays everyone who does not step back to take stock. What is the incentive to continue ignoring this pattern of the hunter and the prey mentality? America, are we only unconscious fools to the masters of this sort of manipulation? Emotional reaction as logic and reason for what sort of change? To benefit which select group in America above all the rest, like it or not? Hello?!

Where is the embodiment of responsibility in the candidate, who is not only skilled; who is also one experienced at setting the right example? Setting the standard of unity-in-solidarity for what is needed rightly, in a nation's due political process at the time of campaigning, of making the case to be elected leader of a free nation? Go ahead fellow voter, think about what is actually needed and get clear about that.
There is a lot of raw, emotionally undisciplined ranting from groups who claim to have the answers. Instead what is ironically amplified at times like these, are the skills of the silent masters behind the scenes. Skills coming through the very voices of those who "appear" most independent but who may ultimately be controlled albeit unwittingly.

Ah-h conservative stealth, so adept at creating havoc and mayhem on the street-level again and again and again! After awhile, the conditioning takes hold and oppression does reach a threshold of self-maintenance. So no one has to "appear" responsible, let alone actually show up to take responsibility.
Truly, at historic moments such as this when what is precious in the psyche of a nation, is unconsciously given away by everyone whose attention gets predictably caught up in near complete distraction only with one another.
The strategy of pitting members of the same group against one another works, over and over and over again in this country, for all the world to see. "Why do they hate us?" Indeed. Britney, Lindsey, and you girls of a certain stage, etc., have sacrificially served the American insecure-psyche distraction-quotient, well_ for how many years now?
America, it is clear by our own collective behaviors in this race that NOT, "reading the directions" on how the steps of democratic process to elect a new president are supposed to work_ is the majority's standard!
It is called the "Electoral Process. " Google it, at the very least!
Learn! Understand how this process is supposed to function for us all!
In light of even basic education, what quality negotiation skills are responsible ones that each one can bring forward in themselves to this street-level debate? Only winning is NOT skill, but obsession that quickly leads to tight passive/aggressive behavioral loops. Not clear thinking.

Can we begin to see or hear then, a continuity of self-management from the particular candidate so vociferously defended? Can we begin to see or hear an embodied example of solidity? Of accepting differences in the basic human fabric really worth consciously embracing as a whole group? An entire nation?
In these current frenzies-of-distraction on the campaign trail spewed from voters one camp to the next, it is only passion out-of-control quite possibly at the expense of the election that can be seen again. At this rate, elite conservatism only has to perform light maintenance on the seeds of self-doubt, planted so long ago.

This truth in the psyche of our American fabric alone, continues to say a lot to those of us within this party, who watch and listen. Not to mention the rest of the world. The party to the right silently holds back watching. Watching as the soft underbelly and pulsing jugular vein voluntarily reveals itself once again. Unconsciously offering the shreds perhaps of a precious core sense of a historically united party, in virtual self-sacrifice to its rival.

The "enemy" then is only us, in moments such as these. We are fighting our way out of the proverbial paper bag, while drowning in two inches of water. Such self-inflicted spewing and sputtering deserves to be taken in hand. Can you not hear or see your own self? Such toxicity regenerating itself, deserves to be spontaneously advised: get a hold of yourself, as we each invest in this process. Do this with a grounded sense of responsibility, capable of keeping one eye on the longterm impact.

Here is another big mirror then: what muscles do each one of us desire to develop as citizens of a free nation? Is it only helpless, panicked atrophy? Those of adult children who beg to be parented by big business and big government? Or do we collectively value developing our own muscles, strong and solid in the higher quality of an accessibly nourishing, democratic education? A civic education that reflects conscious choices, unshakably rooted deep in the the hearts and minds of free citizens?! This seems to me the true antidote to elitist manipulation, and more accurately reflective of the Kennedy legacy, now exploited by vague reference and vague comparison so far.

Where are we each going to go live anyway the day after the November election?

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