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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Helping Provide Relief for Burma

Three of Burma's homeless find refuge in a shelter set up at a school in the village of the Irrawaddy Delta, the region hardest hit by Cyclone Nargis. The storm left more than 133,000 people dead or missing.
Photograph by : Getty Images

I keep repeating that one of the greatest acts of Political Solidarity anyone outside of this country can do, is to verbally, and in writing recognize it's historical identity: the name of the country is, BURMA. The name the junta now in its falsely seized state of power has co-opted has named the country "Myanmar." This is adamantly NOT correct!

Yet found in the miracle of Mother Nature, the great equalizer here on this wondrous planet, when too many of her earthly children become too engrossed in states of overwhelming power struggles, one of her powerful responses is to flood open the doors of possibility for: inquiry, investigation and opportunity. Possibility, for restoration of balance in human consciousness, as we collectively struggle to wake up to our true nature. A true nature we are each here to learn to consciously recognize while we are in human form in this earthly garden, life experience. Hello, without judgment or attachment_ wake-up...

For those who can make monetary donations, in order to aid those who are directly providing physical aid for the country of Burma and her people's recovery, you can become aware of this site and simultaneously contact: Bill Proudman and Pam Shelly, 2943 NE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97212

This information was emailed to me through my local Buddhist sangha and I pass it on, in my capacity to help widen the net of support for aid needed by the Burmese people NOW.

***Don't forget Darfur in the Sudan as well.

Blessings for us all, all over the world!


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