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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Find out with me, what it's all about!

It is May 9, 2008, and I am inserting a revolutionary thought in this post because I LOVE this logo!! Personally, it says so much about the 53 years of life I have lived!! I have looked at the trailer of this movie entitled "A Powerful Noise." I find it a tantalizing documentary. One I will be asking my local independent theatre to bring in for us all who support this media, as well as, the businesses that thrive to bring in this form of independence that is thoughtful, conscious expression!
The documentary format is wonderful isn't it? It is a format about ideas that assume to provoke consideration at the very least, and inspire incredible action when it hits on all cylinders in the human psyche on the other end of the spectrum of response and timing! Deeply meaningful and world(s) changing action for-the-better, when that 'hit' results in a response of critical mass!!

So, as the logo, and the three incredibly infused women, whose interwoven lives and thereby life-stories, give voice to the main story: that NOW is the time for balance because it is needed in this world in every way_ I release an inspired response coming through the center of my own commonly uncommon life. This inspired response to all that is criss-crossing my path at this time, including this movie:
Pro-Life WITH Choice. Pro-Life WITH Choice. Pro-Life WITH Choice.
Because I see this movie as a confirmation of the inspired nature that is in me; the nature of nurturing life. Nature brings life forth! Creative life. Expressive life. Human life. Individual voice.
Nature is change in constant evolution. In humans, this quality in nature is also the nature of consciousness. The capacity to express, to be conscious awareness. Always growing, changing, moving... much more than the mind can take in.

One primary nature found in consciousness is that of creating/making choices all the time! The very nature of being and consciousness is one minute. Then, the next minute in the NOW, something different, in its underlying sameness. All is NOW, and then that which is NOW enters the next moment when that is NOW, but, never the same because it is never the same moment!
All passes, all stays the same. Each NOW in its own moment is the now, and for every human perspective in each moment simultaneously that nature of now is the NOW!

This is why I declare: Pro-Life WITH choice! It is the very substance of my own quality of life, and I wish to put this awareness out into the world. In its essential nature, there is no attachment here. No grasping. No concepts.

I would not have arrived in this moment without THAT essential nature of consciousness wanting to know itself as conscious within me!

What revolutionary awareness NOW is in you? Make a Powerful Noise for the good of all!

Blessed be!

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