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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Face the Music Hillary_ It is Over

Ever since the article in the NYT, (see: Dumb As We Wanna Be, By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Published: April 30, 2008), every American who has been open to the opportunity to see_ the truth is Hillary's campaign for the nomination for US President is tanking. Maybe it is karma, but her recent personal investment of $6,000,000 to help the campaign stay afloat is sad. In retrospect and the bigger picture however, I think it's been the decisions made to have Chelsea crisscross the country on her mother's behalf, to cover that history of both Bill and Hillary having financial skeletons in both their closets...

Hillary, let your daughter stand on her own two feet, separate from the hard and dirty lessons you and Bill have had to go through. Lessons maybe still in the learning. This country wants to fulfill its democratic commitments; ideals and commitments to our constitution. Even in the face of a momentum of greed that took on speed during eight years of the Clinton White House. NAFTA, being just one example.
A momentum of greed that has only escalated to nightmare proportions during eight years of the Bush regime and crimes against humanity, both here and abroad.

Hillary, it would bode far better for you to turn your campaign rhetoric into serving the common, collective good of our democratic nation. In this work can you be seen in the proper context and hence recognized as the noble accomplisher. Choose to throw your fighter's energy and your formidable political experience, skill and clout into helping with the huge clean-up that is post-Bush. A clean-up that is bulging from the wings as we turn toward the elections this fall. THAT job will require a courage on the scale that is only right to the task. There are very dark and sinister personalities now who must be brought to justice. We all know this.

To this country who are registered and will vote democrat, to those who are registered republican and will vote democrat in this election, to those who are registered to vote, whether you choose to or not in the coming election, I also raise a voice. Put the responsibility of political health for the constitution of this nation back where it belongs! What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?
Do you only want to be parented by your own nation and government? Do you want to only sleep-walk through your very own life? Is Democracy to truly die on this watch of currently living humanity?
To the Democratic Party as a whole_ voters, media personnel and politicians alike, will you be a participant in the implosion of our historic political process? Well, will you? Will the marketing of egos not subside proportionately enough, to allow our own history to survive this harrowing lesson in humanity? What does it really mean to actually live together? Does anyone really know? To learn what is required of each and every one of us. Can you answer? What is the value of our rich heritage of differences in the new century?

It is time America and Senator Clinton, to get in behind the next presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.

It may very well be that Barack may be what is right in the NOW, for a much needed change. A change of true benefit for the entire country. Our children after all have a right to their own ideals.

Mr. Obama, just make sure to put all those bright and shiny stars, who have sacrificed their six figure annual incomes to campaign for you, in the proper perspective. To serve the overall good of this country, for this entire country. Don't be just another new president beholdin'.

Call it, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is time.

Oh, and thank-you T. F. for holding up a light, on what sparked a challenge to my own priorities and perceptions.

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