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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democratic National Rules Committee Weighs In

Democratic Party officials voted to approve compromise measures that would seat the entire Florida and Michigan delegations but give each delegates only half a vote, following a dramatic day of debate.

Democrats Reach Deal On Fla., Mich. Delegates
By June Kronholz
Wall Street Journal

The Democratic party's rules committee have agreed to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations, but to cut their votes in half and even shifted a handful of votes Senator Hillary Clinton had claimed over to Barack Obama.

Sen. Clinton receives 87 votes out of the compromise to Sen. Obama's 63 votes -- a net increase of 24 votes for the New York senator.

The compromise increases the number needed for nomination to 2,118 delegates. With those new numbers, Sen. Obama now has 2,052 to Sen. Clinton's 1,877.5, according to the Associated Press. That puts Sen. Obama 66 delegates away from the needed delegates, to earn the nomination of the Democratic candidate for the 2008 Presidential election. But Hillary still carries the popular vote in a roaring

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