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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Links to views about how the Petreaus/Capitol Hill Hearings are a sham

I am American born, raised in military and civilian life and now in my fifties. All of my life, I have struggled with the social fabric of this country after living abroad in other cultures on other continents, as a child-representative of my country, (what every military child is raised to take responsibility for, when being stationed abroad
in a military family).
My views of reality in America in every minute in the now, involve pro-actively taking up a level of personal responsibility that most people here tell me is unrealistic... I will continue to disbelieve this perspective-as-reason as untested apathy on the part of many citizens, because I know that it is the simplest actions that truly do matter in the long run. There is nothing else to work toward; to ask oneself what everyday steps one can reasonably commit to on a daily basis in order to consciously know oneself as awake? Mundanely simple everyday steps that make a big and sublime radical difference in the long run.
Some of my own very simple commitment(s) have been to never engage in violence, to never own a gun, to raise an independent-minded human being who questions "authority" because EVERYONE has lessons to learn, knowing that sometimes the right teacher is the child.
To commit to the simplest consciousness evolution practice/experience, so that I am more and more fully awake_ not judging not projecting as much as I consciously understand and notice in myself, more and more in every minute of everyday of my entire life. Most importantly, to be of service in the world in ways that constructively facilitate proliferation of a world environment that invites more and more human beings to wake up. Mutual safety and mutual respect are key.

To be a gate-opener, not a gate-keeper because equal access to justice without condition, invests in the health of a nation. Yes, this means one group cannot always control "it" all, but rather is equally tested to TRUST in the robust state of overall well being and therefore intelligent response and ability of the citizenry. Responsibility on BOTH sides of the agreement: to lead (sometimes leading is by the small group, sometimes by the large will of the citizenry) and trust leadership (sometimes trusting is invested in the small group, sometimes invested in the large will of the citizenry).
Today I offer these two links, liberal perspectives to be sure, regarding today's hearings of the military staff in Iraq, and General Petreaus in particular.
One view personally offered, as first responses to watching a portion of the hearings this morning, is Senator McCain's clear personal behavioral maintenance that is invested in negative polarity, within the country he claims a patriotic elitism. This kind of behavior is a wantonly reckless manner of defining personal standard, the world can no longer indulge. This form of ego-centricity in anyone, deserves competent, non-judgmental confrontation. Behavior that deserves to be named for what it is, until that person can be lovingly witnessed into conscious awareness about their own negative, ego-centered behavior pattern(s). Behavior patterns that can come at the expense of people's very own lives. An example of this behavioral rationale is "protecting the interests" of one nation at the expense of the equally valuable interests of another nation. Really.
My hope and intention is that those who are ready and available to consciously show up in their own lives no matter what partisan view is believed in, may find this blog helpful and/or supportive in even the smallest way on their own journey to waking up.

Bless us all, everywhere in the world! We are all human in this life experience.

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