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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

George W. Bush must listen to these voices _ Citizens the world over must NOT wait on the inaction of any national leaders!

In Israeli farm in the foreground looking toward Gaza


Please go to this blog address: and hear the voices of people living in their own lives!

Does it really matter when this "attack" occurred? What matters is really seeing the map of the two countries.

Let us take citizen action ourselves on ever increasing scale to support one another where we are living. No sides taken, only end violence. Just stop all violence. Whatever disagreements are, only end violence. No more violence. No more. No more. Stop violence. Just stop. Just stop.

A good son in any country...

A frequent scene on any given day in either country... where do the children play?

How far will we come, where the issue of war must evolve toward skillfully peaceful resolution of our differences, as citizens anywhere on this planet that is our home, in our lifetime that is right now?

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