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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Rant on behalf of Earth Day (2008)

We ALL know that celebrations of this "nature" are about self, community, nation & world-wide EDUCATION, right? Self-education in order to evolve collectively as an entire species?! We DO KNOW this, don't we?

That Earth Day really isn't some holiday just for druggin' and dancin' hedonistically only self-servingly, and not very well. Because livin' is such an unconscious experience- wuh? We know Earth Day isn't some wasteful holiday for its own sake, right? That it is a complete contradiction to go out and waste oneself on such a day_ right?!
That Earth Day is really about raising one's own IQ about being human in the first place right?

An IQ that can recognize: "hey, I LIVE HERE on this planet. Maybe I would do well to take care of her. She does such an incredible job of taking care of me. Even supporting the polluted, slum-ridden environment that my family has been locked down in for generations now." Right?!
The dichotomy of slum denigration to a certain line in the earth and then green, healthy growing luscious earth just on the other side of some line we continuously blame others for its existence in the first place!!

Or on the other side, that the earth, my/our home, supports "my" self-indulgent avoidance day-after-day of unconsciously reactive material addiction and justification of all the green stuff I can gorge on, and call it a hip pseudo lifestyle to impress/actually compare/compete with my "friends".

A definite line, where the dimness of unconsciousness ends and the motivated activity of simple, natural abundance thrives...

Because "we" each have very motivatedly chosen to self-educate. Join together to spread earth steward education throughout our home communities. Education about what it might take for each one to consciously notice simplicity, profoundly every Earth Day.

Which day?

Which Earth?

Which day?

Everyone without exception, please wake up... this earth is not just yours.

Everything, everything, everything, each one of us chooses to do, impacts this planet and eventually each one of us. Everything.

Everyone. Subtly. Dramatically. Impacts.

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