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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who's who? Who are you?!

I started this blog in March 2006, with this photo-collage of historical counter-culture icons. The frame of references surrounding all the contents of this blog, are rooted in personal experience starting back in 1972 at least! I offer this cultural blog so that young people can connect the dots.
Nothing is truly laid out here in any order beyond interest in "knowledge is power." Consequently, let your interests start on any one point found inside this blog world. Research it out so the information found here, begins to link your understanding of contemporary U.S. alternative cultural, social justice, and political history to the present.
OneFemaleCulturalCreative helps to highlight cultural and social influences and affects that are still being felt. I invite you to explore here, then let a trail of "attractiveness" take you off to discover and ponder how your generation is choosing to interact with this rich history today. Counter-culture history means that you have many choices you can learn from, and hence understand how to make your own choices today work for you.

In peace, love, and enlightenment on the in-earnest of work of understanding your world a little bit better_ in a more healthy, choice-centered set of alternatives.
Grow! Grow and be!

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