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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hillary must NOT let us down!!!

As a voter, do you care about any of these issues? This question is especially posed for all the young, computer savvies who need a healthy opportunity to pause to consider: will you only commonly sacrifice your own youthful momentum to wasting (your life)time being cynical? Instead, at least passionately consider your human innocence... when no one is looking if you need that! Just do this one thing for yourself.

A glimpse on Diplomacy... 'Corpmediaorations' BACK-OFF! Leave Americans alone to think for themselves!! On any political consideration, there is nothing wrong with a liberal view or a conservative view. The process involved, learning to work together, is our national wealth. To detrimentally undermine that process in any way is treasonist, as the era of Bush Regime and the momentous greed of Reagonomics have most effectively shown!
America requires an inclusive economic model and has for a very long time, since it is not clearly understood that an "exclusive" model is childishly outmoded, outgrown in effect dead, and has been dead since the sixties. We are all responsible for this mess now. (Allow this conscious commentary to work metaphorically, with reference to "diplomacy".)

The Care and Well-being of the American Middle Class?!

Collective Economic Strength through Unions?!

An Apollo-Like effort; introducing legislation for A Strategic Energy Fund



Federal Regs & the Mortgage Market!

Humanism versus Money-First, at the Expense of Quality of Life for the Majority?!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Autism and Disabilities Rights

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's Call for a US Public Service Academy

Reintroduction for Approval of Follow-on Safe Biologics" (Stem Cell Research?)

(Re)Introducing the Women's Equality Amendment_ ONCE AND FOR ALL, THIS TIME!

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