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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day 2008: Stop the Violence! The Vagina Monologues is 10 years old...

Eve Ensler

My Vagina was My Village

Serbian Journalist reports about WAR CRIMES in BOSNIA

Women of Darfur

Wake up all conservative, child-like adults who do not want to wake up_ who reject sophisticated thought. Wake up. Wake up. The world needs you and it will NOT go away just because you do not wish to look, see, recognize that you are needed. That you can actually help. That these conditions that exist could also be conditions that you could potentially face in your life. In your family. Join us, we need you to wake up. To have the courage to love the differences in others you do not accept, knowing that that difference is also in you. In the process of waking up, learn about learning to embrace all of who you also are, without attachment or aversion. No one is excluded, everyone is included in this process of living life. Wake up!

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