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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse, West Coast View, February 20, 2008

Portland, Oregon

USC College

Go here for great Lunar Eclipse info on Wikipedia!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Violence against Women Work- Eve Ensler comments on Bush's terrorizing war on humanity, & Hillary! Listen, THINK & do read on...

Go to this link for E.E.'s full presentation, it's worth it. (50 mins.)
It is time on so many important fronts for a woman to be president of this country. Do I mean Eve? Well, she isn't running is she?
Elect Hillary because she is the bitch to get the needed work done. We HAVE to build our way back to access in the country and now! I say to all U.S. women in mid-life, don't skip out on the responsibility of your own power at this time, NOW!

It is Obama's turn in another four years. He needs to season and mature into the responsibility first.
Kucinch dropped out, this is Hillary's time!
Step UP! Do the right thing! Vote Hillary!! She is a political horse, and knows how to do battle with the realities of Washington the way it is. The nation prospered in the Clinton White House.

Yes, yes, we have had thirty years of the Bushes and the Clintons. So?! Look to yourself for that! It is time to quit reacting as logic, and mature ourselves as a whole country!!!
The right way to get out of the currant devastating mess America is in, at home and in the world, is with a female who is powerful!

The power we need in the world right now, is the balancing principal of FEMALE POWER.
Female power guiding our nation back to access and prosperity, and yes, healing ON THE NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL stages!

THIS IS NO ACT, SO THIS IS NO DRESS REHEARSAL! (REHEARSAL IS TRULY OBAMA'S PATH FOR RIGHT NOW!) The prematurity of America's newest voters could steer this election in the wrong direction, IF, we do not do our job! Don't let this happen now.












(I am Kerrie B. Wrye, and I approve this message!)

I am going to holler, stamp my feet, and throw up both my hands loudly, until Hillary is elected!

She is going to be elected because America does need this!!

Now, go! Talk to everyone you know and don't know about this!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day 2008: Stop the Violence! The Vagina Monologues is 10 years old...

Eve Ensler

My Vagina was My Village

Serbian Journalist reports about WAR CRIMES in BOSNIA

Women of Darfur

Wake up all conservative, child-like adults who do not want to wake up_ who reject sophisticated thought. Wake up. Wake up. The world needs you and it will NOT go away just because you do not wish to look, see, recognize that you are needed. That you can actually help. That these conditions that exist could also be conditions that you could potentially face in your life. In your family. Join us, we need you to wake up. To have the courage to love the differences in others you do not accept, knowing that that difference is also in you. In the process of waking up, learn about learning to embrace all of who you also are, without attachment or aversion. No one is excluded, everyone is included in this process of living life. Wake up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who's who? Who are you?!

I started this blog in March 2006, with this photo-collage of historical counter-culture icons. The frame of references surrounding all the contents of this blog, are rooted in personal experience starting back in 1972 at least! I offer this cultural blog so that young people can connect the dots.
Nothing is truly laid out here in any order beyond interest in "knowledge is power." Consequently, let your interests start on any one point found inside this blog world. Research it out so the information found here, begins to link your understanding of contemporary U.S. alternative cultural, social justice, and political history to the present.
OneFemaleCulturalCreative helps to highlight cultural and social influences and affects that are still being felt. I invite you to explore here, then let a trail of "attractiveness" take you off to discover and ponder how your generation is choosing to interact with this rich history today. Counter-culture history means that you have many choices you can learn from, and hence understand how to make your own choices today work for you.

In peace, love, and enlightenment on the in-earnest of work of understanding your world a little bit better_ in a more healthy, choice-centered set of alternatives.
Grow! Grow and be!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

For those "boys" and other folks who are slow to evolve

Margaret Sanger

Her crusade to legalize birth control spurred the movement for women

Intro: Our Century ... and the Next One
21st Century: The Shape of the Future

Monday, April 13, 1998
The movement she started will grow to be, a hundred years from now, the most influential of all time," predicted futurist and historian H.G. Wells in 1931. "When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history, and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine.

Though this prophecy of nearly 70 years ago credited one woman with the power that actually came from a wide and deep movement of women, no one person deserves it more. Now that reproductive freedom is becoming accepted and conservative groups are fighting to maintain control over women's bodies as the means of reproduction, Sanger's revolution may be even more controversial than during her 50-year career of national and international battles. Her experience can teach us many lessons.

She taught us, first, to look at the world as if women mattered. Born into an Irish working-class family, Margaret witnessed her mother's slow death, worn out after 18 pregnancies and 11 live births. While working as a practical nurse and midwife in the poorest neighborhoods of New York City in the years before World War I, she saw women deprived of their health, sexuality and ability to care for children already born. Contraceptive information was so suppressed by clergy-influenced, physician-accepted laws that it was a criminal offense to send it through the mail. Yet the educated had access to such information and could use subterfuge to buy "French" products, which were really condoms and other barrier methods, and "feminine hygiene" products, which were really spermicides.

It was this injustice that inspired Sanger to defy church and state. In a series of articles called "What Every Girl Should Know," then in her own newspaper The Woman Rebel and finally through neighborhood clinics that dispensed woman-controlled forms of birth control (a phrase she coined), Sanger put information and power into the hands of women.

While in Europe for a year to avoid severe criminal penalties, partly due to her political radicalism, partly for violating postal obscenity laws, she learned more about contraception, the politics of sexuality and the commonality of women's experience. Her case was dismissed after her return to the States. Sanger continued to push legal and social boundaries by initiating sex counseling, founding the American Birth Control League (which became, in 1942, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America) and organizing the first international population conference. Eventually her work would extend as far as Japan and India, where organizations she helped start still flourish.

Sanger was past 80 when she saw the first marketing of a contraceptive pill, which she had helped develop. But legal change was slow. It took until 1965, a year before her death, for the Supreme Court to strike down a Connecticut law that prohibited the use of contraception, even by married couples. Extended to unmarried couples only in 1972, this constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy would become as important to women's equality as the vote. In 1973 the right to privacy was extended to the abortion decision of a woman and her physician, thus making abortion a safe and legal alternative — unlike the $5 illegal butcheries of Sanger's day.

One can imagine Sanger's response to the current anti-choice lobby and congressional leadership that opposes abortion, sex education in schools, and federally funded contraceptive programs that would make abortion less necessary; that supports ownership of young women's bodies through parental-consent laws; that limits poor women's choices by denying Medicaid funding; and that holds hostage the entire U.S. billion-dollar debt to the United Nations in the hope of attaching an antiabortion rider. As in her day, the question seems to be less about what gets decided than who has the power to make the decision.

One can also imagine her response to pro-life rhetoric being used to justify an average of one clinic bombing or arson per month — sometimes the same clinics Sanger helped found — and the murder of six clinic staff members, the attempted murder of 15 others, and assault and battery against 104 more. In each case, the justification is that potential fetal life is more important than a living woman's health or freedom.

What are mistakes in our era that parallel those of Sanger's? There is still an effort to distort her goal of giving women control over their bodies by attributing such quotes to Sanger as "More children from the fit, less from the unfit — that is the chief issue of birth control." Sanger didn't say those words; in fact, she condemned them as a eugenicist argument for "cradle competition." To her, poor mental development was largely the result of poverty, overpopulation and the lack of attention to children. She correctly foresaw racism as the nation's major challenge, conducted surveys that countered stereotypes regarding the black community and birth control, and established clinics in the rural South with the help of such African-American leaders as W.E.B. Du Bois and Mary McLeod Bethune.

Nonetheless, expediency caused Sanger to distance herself from her radical past; for instance, she used soft phrases such as "family planning" instead of her original, more pointed argument that the poor were being manipulated into producing an endless supply of cheap labor. She also adopted the mainstream eugenics language of the day, partly as a tactic, since many eugenicists opposed birth control on the grounds that the educated would use it more. Though her own work was directed toward voluntary birth control and public health programs, her use of eugenics language probably helped justify sterilization abuse. Her misjudgments should cause us to wonder what parallel errors we are making now and to question any tactics that fail to embody the ends we hope to achieve.

Sanger led by example. Her brave and joyous life included fulfilling work, three children, two husbands, many lovers and an international network of friends and colleagues. She was charismatic and sometimes quixotic, but she never abandoned her focus on women's freedom and its larger implications for social justice (an inspiration that continues through Ellen Chesler's excellent biography, Woman of Valor: Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America). Indeed, she lived as if she and everyone else had the right to control her or his own life. By word and deed, she pioneered the most radical, humane and transforming political movement of the century.

Gloria Steinem is a co-founder of Ms. magazine and author of Revolution from Within

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Real Alternative Energy Solutions

Could efficiency guru Art Rosenfeld solve the world's energy crisis?

Yes, the economy is important and...

...the environment is connected to the dependency on oil, and the awful dent the war has put in the American economy. Some Americans actually do not get this!
Go to this link,"Judge: Navy Not Exempt from Sonar Ban," and listen to the above titled article to see if the dots begin to connect for you, and the people you may know who are out in left field living the dyslexic life; somewhere between focus and reality!

Monday, February 4, 2008

American grand dame of national consciousness and poetry

Hillary must NOT let us down!!!

As a voter, do you care about any of these issues? This question is especially posed for all the young, computer savvies who need a healthy opportunity to pause to consider: will you only commonly sacrifice your own youthful momentum to wasting (your life)time being cynical? Instead, at least passionately consider your human innocence... when no one is looking if you need that! Just do this one thing for yourself.

A glimpse on Diplomacy... 'Corpmediaorations' BACK-OFF! Leave Americans alone to think for themselves!! On any political consideration, there is nothing wrong with a liberal view or a conservative view. The process involved, learning to work together, is our national wealth. To detrimentally undermine that process in any way is treasonist, as the era of Bush Regime and the momentous greed of Reagonomics have most effectively shown!
America requires an inclusive economic model and has for a very long time, since it is not clearly understood that an "exclusive" model is childishly outmoded, outgrown in effect dead, and has been dead since the sixties. We are all responsible for this mess now. (Allow this conscious commentary to work metaphorically, with reference to "diplomacy".)

The Care and Well-being of the American Middle Class?!

Collective Economic Strength through Unions?!

An Apollo-Like effort; introducing legislation for A Strategic Energy Fund



Federal Regs & the Mortgage Market!

Humanism versus Money-First, at the Expense of Quality of Life for the Majority?!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Autism and Disabilities Rights

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's Call for a US Public Service Academy

Reintroduction for Approval of Follow-on Safe Biologics" (Stem Cell Research?)

(Re)Introducing the Women's Equality Amendment_ ONCE AND FOR ALL, THIS TIME!

I support the work of the National Resources Defense Council

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