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Saturday, January 19, 2008

All Kucinch's debate responses to date

Political pundits follow an institutional assumption concerning how to define a career in the media through the use of labeling. A convenience-prone communication pattern that is rooted in reaction and unchecked negative judgementalism.

Kucinch's place in the presidential campaign at all, is regularly and continuously devalued by all media personnel in labeling that ranges from "the liberal democrat's candidate" to much worse.
When will people find the personal motivation, and consequently choose to investigate the history of certain destructive human communication tendencies (for example), when those tendencies are only serving stasis on very important living issues? Issues that will not wait for anyone's ego to get out of the way? Issues impacted particularly when those ego-centered-only patterns debilitate the quality of forward movement on any that serve the potential benefit of all?! Communication, for example, DOES simply take time in order for any human being to clearly, thoughtfully; i.,e., responsibly understand.

Suggestion: start with clearly defining "responsibility" in the media without attachment or aversion.

Ack! No reactionism-only as (public, publicized)-only response(s).

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