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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What do you choose?

Two versions utilizing the same message in song. Though the images have an all too traditional appearance for my own visual communication preferences, I have gotten to the place where I no longer care about how you vote, or what camp of belief with which you identify. I care about how you feel. Whether you are well. Are your needs getting met? Do you feel safe? Are you feeling respected?
Not only are we each responsible for living our lives coming to understand ourselves well and clearly enough, to understand "what" we might choose for world peace and prosperity_ we must also begin to understand "how" we might choose that will have direct individual impact.
Then "how" we might choose, and "how" realistically we each can participate with one another to learn "how," to choose as a group of any sort, to constructively contribute to the welfare of our world.
"How" the broader impacts of choosing contribution to the welfare of our world in groups, in varying sizes, on various cultural, economic, political scales impacts the welfare of our world.
One starting place, is an inner recognition of concentric circles that expand from one's own center of realization ever outward, through the course of the entire life journey.
How much courage does this commitment require of (any) one?
Has anyone thought about cognizantly documenting the direct human relationship to guns?
What our struggles as human groups are, when we are in direct contact with them or even the idea of guns?
What human behaviors actually look like without fear, without war, the threat, or the idea of war?
Then, look at the process of grooming a national consciousness to fear in the modern era... "how" does this look, feel, behave?

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