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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why I will never return to my 'life inside the fortress'

On becoming an artist in alternative culture:

It is vital for all people, inside and outside the experience of war and its "inevitable reality or benefits," either directly or indirectly to begin to consciously understand what all American warmongering, as the only "final" response to 'resolving' differences, really means.
The documentary-video trailer, "The War Tapes," excellently formatted through the eyes and experiences of the soldiers who go into war, provides us all with "an inside out" perspective from which to consider the complexity of choices concerning intolerance for differences. These very considerations are at the heart of our collective evolution of human consciousness. This documentary provides a chance to look at ourselves concerning individual interpretation, understanding and participation in an active definition of quality of human life while we each are here in this grand opportunity to wake up.
A chance like 9/11 was a chance to wake up to the consequences of every decision, and every choice we each make every minute of every day, together and "separately!"

I am anti-war because of my father's ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam, the hierarchic traditional Christian church, and my mother's complex history of abuses done to her as a child. I began recognizing the building blocks of this fortress-of-violence legacy in childhood, as providing me with the gift of eventually choosing to find the support I needed to get clear of this layered-in-pain family background. To intimately examine who I was and where and from whom I had come, and why my people continue to be are who they are.
After twenty years of building over again, I participate in this consciousness evolution by skillfully NOT passing on a historical family legacy of deeply painful abuses to anyone on my limb of the family tree.
In community, I personally live to pass on those lessons I've learned as a 'thrivor' away from 'life in the fortress.' One person's intentionally built life as potential for those who are looking for resources that confirm their own healthy, informed, and as a result, robust efforts to turn living in general away from violent historical family affect, one generation to the next. Turning away to courageously live consciously choosing peace, especially a peaceful life that colors outside the lines of traditional society.
May my one life continue to learn, and as a result serve as perhaps a small example of possibility, to understand the personal and inter-personal more responsibly, and to participate in building a more broadly developing human consciousness evolution. Developing one person to another through art, health consciousness in many forms, feminism that has an entire world of good information for everyone, and cultural history mirroring such as I do here.

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