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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This Thanksgiving hear the history of the holiday, the voices of the veterans, the politicians, the screamers, the doubts deployed again, and again...

I wish all of us sanity, courage, skill to bridge our perspectives well enough to hear one another as fellow human beings, with far more in common, than we have differences with each other.

What we truly have in the USA in 2007, is the stuck habit of reactionism.

False pride is not courage.

Politics, social labels, ideologies, agendas, factions, or camps of like-mindedness aside, what I care about is you, no matter who you are.

I care about how you are feeling.

I care about how your health is; mentally, emotionally, physiologically.

I care about your health spiritually_ NO MATTER what or how you define or practice this for yourself.

I care about whether you feel fundamentally safe, and respected.

I care that these conditions are mutual, fairly for all, without condition.

May this holiday season begin the seasonal turn toward a hibernation that is deeply restorative for your soul, every one.

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