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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is all this dissin' on Hippies?"

Do Americans never learn to appreciate their own culture? Or is this only a country about self-entitlement? People of life-experience don't seem to do their job currently, at least not in the popular or mainstream media. As the aging generation of hippies, we now have wisdom to impart that does have relevant and current value for a younger generation._ if they can see themselves as open-minded, and act on that belief. Is everyone missing the self-confidence gene right now? Remember the wise words in John Bradshaw's teachings on shame-based inter-personal/social patterns? What does anyone really value about being alive_ besides "me," "mine," "my stuff?" This very much includes the reactionary name-calling free-for-all that this nation's culture is really stuck in right now... shame, shame, shame: God, Guilt and yo mama! War games, big bucks and bad-ass bad boys, who never faced up to their masks between truth and a healthy personal familiarity with real personal courage. Not this big-bad-wolf-at-the-door regression: 'only I can save ya little darlin',' or "I'll" intimidate to hell out of you, even violently if "I" have to, in order to maintain patriarchal lockstep loyalty instead of ever breaking ranks to know healthy individual male identity.
All you idealists are not free to retire on your laurels! Activism work is lifelong._ the young activists don't seem to get that commitment-level reality yet, having just read an article in the March '07 issue of YJ.
You young computer, corporate fodder-types can handle listening to hippies. There is wisdom there, and pertinent history that you are going to need well before we are gone. Did I just name-call, label, stereotype_ a group of people?! Hm-m-m...

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