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Thursday, April 19, 2007

In their own words...

Sam Schultz,
Andrew Horne
Rose Forrest
John Bruhns
Michael Breen
Brendan Duffy
Robert Loria
Peter Granato
Shelly Burgoyne
Brian Van Riper


Dear America, (my opening greeting words on this blog site, the contents of the email in my in box are quoted verbatim),

Today we're launching an important new project with MoveOn that will use the power of internet video to help spread the truth about how veterans and military families feel about the war and want to begin a course that leads to a responsible redeployment.

The project is called VideoVets and it contains some of the most compelling stories about this war that you've ever heard, many from's own ranks. Please watch these videos and tell us which one you think is the most compelling. Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone, will take the video that you choose and turn it into a TV ad-spreading this message even further.

Click here to watch now:

There are over 20 interviews, each less than 2 minutes long.

Pay special attention to the videos of Sam Schultz, Andrew Horne, Rose Forrest, John Bruhns, Michael Breen, Brendan Duffy, Robert Loria, Peter Granato, Shelly Burgoyne, and Brian Van Riper, all of whom are proud members!

The administration tries to call anyone who criticizes their policy in Iraq 'anti-troop,' but these stories show that 'supporting the troops' does NOT mean supporting an endless war. The voices of these veterans and military families are often missing from the debate in Washington. Together we can make sure they become a vital part of the national dialogue.

Click here to watch the videos and tell us which one Oliver Stone should turn into an ad.

Thanks for supporting the Voice of America's 21st Century Patriots, like these!

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran
Co-Founder and Chairman,

Note: The views expressed in these interviews do not necessarily reflect the views of VoteVets or Political Action. They are the views of interview subjects only.

Stop the war in Iran today, Sign the petition!

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