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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Connect the Socio/Political Contemporary Historical Dots...

The title of this entry is emphatically stated. It is a directive for the young people in the marketplace who are at the beginning of their career paths, who are relatively new as wage-earners.... quite simply, what are you doing?

Scroll down on this page to the epic photo taken on the Kent State Campus in 1970. Now flash forward to hear that it is Completely life today_ that on my little square of it, I would just be getting up to a new day, and immediately experience 2 very noticeable attention-getters as they crossed my path just out of bed!

What is shame? What are the faces of subtle social derision? In current popular culture, who is targeted in this country? Who walks around reacting from a victimized perspective? Are the ones who notice, the ones making fun, the ones reacting_ the same groups of people?

What is the emotional/psychological legacy of the newest members to American "adulthood?"

Is there room for you to notice? What skills are possible to learn, in becoming conscious of your own life, that then will govern what choices you will each make over the course of your lives?

Can you step away from family origins lovingly trusting that human consciousness evolution is calling?
Can you find the internal connection to your own courage to pioneer the territory of responsibility where the words to family may sound like: 'I know you love me, and I have to do this (life journey) for myself.' Said in an instinctive "knowing" that ultimately, inner personal work joins community, then nation-wide, and ultimately world-wide growth-work because choosing to be awake in one's own life IS the choice freely made... with all the social/economic consequences that come with choosing to live awake.

Who is a victim? Who is a target to objectify expressly for continuing social shame?

Are we completely distracted yet?

Expect complete ineptitude in coping/taking-action skills from the entire Bush regime.

Sounds like the West Virginia system of authority right close up to Blacksburg, Va, too... 'maybe it was only a domestic abuse call_ Wha'd ya'll think? What is response?

Today, the "'60's" era John Filo, is now named Chuck Burton, and the 21st C image of disempowerment for your time is on the Virginia Tech Campus... don't want to think there is a connection?

Unconsciousness, shame-based rhetorical distraction is a choice.

Only victim-minds will point their fingers, to cruelly deride the confrontive invitation to WAKE UP, that is written here.

So, why can't the powerful comparative image be posted here freely?
A dollar for your territorial thoughts.

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