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Monday, March 26, 2007

A New Design Assignment

The words in title of this post are the caveat prefacing a book, in publication since 2002: "Cradle +o Cradle." It is co-written by William McDonough and Mike Braungart, two human beings note-worthy for the newest generation in the marketplace in terms of understanding in the proper-context, what value contemporary history has for your futures, and noteworthy in the intelligent ways their book empowers solution-thinking/finding for the newest participants, along with your life-experienced allies, in shaping global human reality from here. Co-developing a working frame around the quality of life that carries the potential of your collective legacies well, for the future of humanity and this globe. Our home: ancestors, current inhabitants-all, and the progeny of all species.
The book's offerings are centered on the theory of a circular economics model, with the intention of re-revolutionizing industry! Here is found the seeds for a newer generation's manifesto of individuation that does not leave possibility mired in competition with the past! The secret in the first place, is the momentum already in place that allows for taking the best of the past and creating new combinations applicable for the (new) problems and challenges that are the new generation's inheritance. This attitude about living, is in the heart of contemporary history_ herein lies the freedom to redefine a new world, & William McDonough, is providing a clear voice now!
Read the book, "Cradle to Cradle," then dive in, talk with each other, AND the elders of vision, debate, create anew because the world has always needed you. Intelligence licensing; i.e.; paranoia about dreaming_ BE DAMNED! This book too, is a part of the new "Fin du Siècle" that is waiting for you to define, by consciously being that!!

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