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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bombard Apple

In the wake of the Java breach that is among those attack viruses that are (shall we say continually) making Apple computers (more) vulnerable, I recently read this sentiment on the web:  

Unfortunately if you are running Leopard (OSX 10.5) or earlier, you must manually disable or remove Java, because Apple no longer supports those older versions. It would be good if Apple issued an update for these older versions, because many people still use them.

I say let's do something about that!

In the USA, here is Apple's Software Upgrade Center telephone number: (888) 840-8433

Call them repeatedly to say how much those of us with the older versions, also need our computers to function up-to-date. Because, if we only accept things without registering preference, then there is no choice! Customer feedback makes quality in the marketplace run also! How do you want your experiences in the market to run, for you or excluding you?

I will buy my next Mac, when I have the money_ NOT when a corporation squeezes me into conforming my decision-making according to its sales reports schedule! 

Call Apple_ tell THEM what YOU want_ & you don't have to be scared, or insecure or yell at anybody to make this turn around for our benefit. We are loyal Apple customers who deserve to have our operating systems reasonably taken care of!

In North America, call: (888) 840-8433_ tell Apple what your OS needs to run secure!

1 comment:

la fin du siècle said...

This found today on Ubergizmo: "if users are not using Java at all, they might as well just remove it to make sure they are not victims of cyber criminals who seem to have noticed the value of hitting Apple machines."

What is "noticing the value of hitting Apple machines" supposed to mean?

Is everyone just sitting around waiting for something to happen while doing nothing to avert crisis?
Can an investor sue a company for irresponsible holes in product development?