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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Become a Defenders Circle Donor for Darfur

With just hours to go, we're still short of our goal of bringing 300 new supporters into the Save Darfur Defenders Circle by midnight tonight, February 4th, the 15th full day of Obama's presidency.

This new year has brought with it new violence against Darfuri civilians. Help demand that the world respond. We need you to step up at this critical hour.

Your $20 monthly gift can help make the difference. Join the Defenders Circle today!

Darfuris continue to wake up every day to a living nightmare—millions crowded in refugee camps, children tortured and women raped, villages completely destroyed.

Now a new outbreak of violence threatens more innocent civilians, and the likely indictment of Sudanese President al-Bashir could make a bad situation worse. Our new president has expressed his desire to pursue an end to the genocide. But President Obama will be resolute only if we are resolute. He will not waver only if we do not waver.

As a Defenders Circle donor, you give voice to the broad constituency committed to ending the genocide. You help show that the world will not stand idly by while rape is used as an instrument of terror against Darfuri women.

And you provide the sustained support that allows us to respond nimbly and forcefully no matter what happens in Sudan. Just last week, when renewed violence broke out in Darfur, we flooded the White House phone lines with calls from Save Darfur supporters demanding that President Obama act.

We will fight every month—will you? Click here to join the Save Darfur Defenders Circle with a $20 monthly gift.

The need is urgent and the situation is dire. But the potential for progress and peace is within our grasp—if we fight together every month.

Thank you for everything you've done.


Jerry Fowler
Save Darfur Coalition

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