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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Unity Campaign: Peace, Prosperity and Progress in the 21st C

We each grow in strength, character and our vital coping skills as human beings when we can pick ourselves up and get back into the flow of life. Hillary Clinton is a solid human being tested by the viciously competitive rigors of America's political reality right before our eyes. Which one of us can withstand this level of pressure to keep showing up for the entire country?!

This taken from a Chicago fundraiser and posted to Lynn Sweet's website: Hillary Clinton lamented that the party has won only three of the last 10 elections.'This is a sobering thought,' she said, adapting her electability argument from the primary campaign. “For me this is intensely personal, because I want to see our country once again not just solving problems, which sounds very pragmatic, but lifting up our sights and finding the promise of our country by once again producing the progress that is truly the American birthright. It has slipped away from us.”

In watching the youtube videos of the Unity Speech, did these two (1-former) candidate(s) bring together the generation of actively voting, techno-savvy "kids" with their families and life-experienced, politically active elder-allies in this audience in Unity, N.H. on June 27th? Can we push that consideration to the political/social forefront among us now?

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